Plant tissue culture laboratory equipments ppt

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plant tissue culture laboratory equipments ppt

View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: Plant Tissue Culture. Tags: culture plant tissue. Latest Highest Rated. Cytokinin Root Development? Auxin Shoot Development Auxin Cytokinin Callus Development 5 Control of in vitro culture Cytokinin Leaf strip Adventitious Shoot Root Callus Auxin 6 No Transcript 7 Factors Affecting Plant Tissue Culture Growth Media Minerals, Growth factors, Carbon source, Hormones Environmental Factors Light, Temperature, Photoperiod, Sterility, Media Explant Source Usually, the younger, less differentiated the explant, the better for tissue culture Genetics Different species show differences in amenability to tissue culture In many cases, different genotypes within a species will have variable responses to tissue culture response to somatic embryogenesis has been transferred between melon cultivars through sexual hybridization 8 Three Fundamental Abilities of Plants Totipotency the potential or inherent capacity of a plant cell to develop into an entire plant if suitably stimulated.

Usually involves a callus intermediate stage which can result in variation among seedlings 15 Peanut somatic embryogenesis 16 Organogenesis The production of roots, shoots or leaves. These organs may arise out of pre-existing meristems or out of differentiated cells. This, like embryogenesis, may involve a callus intermediate but often occurs without callus. Not always desirable because they may not always result in populations of identical plants. The most beneficial use of somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis is in the production of whole plants from a single cell or a few cells.

Floating 30 Ovule Culture for Haploid Production Essentially the same as embryo culture Difference is an unfertilized ovule instead of a fertilized embryo Effective for crops that do not yet have an efficient microspore culture system e.

Weak, sterile plant Usually want to double the chromosomes, creating a dihaploid plant with normal growth fertility Chromosomes can be doubled by Colchicine treatment Spontaneous doubling Tends to occur in all haploids at varying levels Many systems rely on it, using visual observation to detect spontaneous dihaploids Can be confirmed using flow cytometry 32 Specific Examples of DH uses Evaluate fixed progeny from an F1 Can evaluate for recessive quantitative traits Requires very large dihaploid population, since no prior selection May be effective if you can screen some qualitative traits early For creating permanent F2 family for molecular marker development For fixing inbred lines novel use?

Create a few dihaploid plants from a new inbred prior to going to Foundation Seed allows you to uncover unseen off-types For eliminating inbreeding depression theoretical If you can select against deleterious genes in culture, and screen very large populations, you may be able to eliminate or reduce inbreeding depression e. Leads to a mass proliferation of an unorganised mass of cells called a callus. Requirement for support ensures that scale-up is limited Ginseng saponins successfully produced in this way.

Suspensions are much easier to bulk up than callus since there is no manual transfer or solid support. Plating of single cells and small cell aggregates - only viable cells will grow and can be re-introduced into suspension.

Can form very viscous solutions 48 Special reactors for plant cell suspension cultures Modified stirred tank Air-lift Air loop Bubble column Rotating drum reactor 49 Modified Stirred Tank Wing-Vane impeller Standard Rushton turbine 50 Airlift systems Poor mixing Bubble column Airlift draught tube Airloop External Downtube 51 Rotating Drum reactor Like a washing machine Low shear Easy to scale-up 52 Ways to increase product formation Select Start off with a producing part Modify media for growth and product formation.

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Cell Culture Equipment

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Plant Tissue Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Pharm 1st sem. Tissue culture involves both plant and animal cells. The tissue has to be surface-sterilized so it will not have any contaminating bacteria or fungus. It is then placed inside the tissue culture vessel dish,jar, etc.

Plant Tissue Culture Media Preparation

Differentiation De- : The physiological and morphological changes that occur in a cell, tissue, or organ during development. Janola,Chlorox, etc.

The substrate use for biotransformation may be natural or synthetic.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

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plant tissue culture laboratory equipments ppt

Title: Plant Tissue Culture. Description: Laminar Flow Cabinet - A work space where sterile air moves to allow the Gene gun. Tissue Culture Uses - Tags: culture plant tissue. Latest Highest Rated. Pots 2. Greenhouse 3. Flower Beds 4. Or in vitro culture? Or micropropagation? Or more recently Biotechnology? Occur on a micro-scale. Environmental conditions optimized nutrition, light, temperature.

All microbes fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes are excluded. The normal pattern of plant development breaks down giving rise to callus, adventitious roots, shoots, and embryos.

Ability to grow as single cells protoplasts, microspores, suspension cultures 6.The specific requirements of a cell culture laboratory depend mainly on the type of research conducted; for example, the needs of mammalian cell culture laboratory specializing in cancer research is quite different from that of an insect cell culture laboratory that focuses on protein expression. However, all cell culture laboratories have the common requirement of being free from pathogenic microorganisms i.

This section lists the equipment and supplies common to most cell culture laboratories, as well as beneficial equipment that allows the work to be performed more efficiently or accurately, or permits wider range of assays and analyses. Note that this list is not all inclusive ; the requirements for any cell culture laboratory depend the type of work conducted. The major requirement of a cell culture laboratory is the need to maintain an aseptic work area that is restricted to cell culture work.

Although a separate tissue culture room is preferred, a designated cell culture area within a larger laboratory can still be used for sterile handling, incubation, and storage of cell cultures, reagents, and media. The simplest and most economical way to provide aseptic conditions is to use a laminar flow hood i. Note: You clicked on an external link, which has been disabled in order to keep your shopping session open. Search Thermo Fisher Scientific. Search All. Cell Culture Equipment.

See Navigation. Basic Equipment. Cell culture hood i. Aspiration pump peristaltic or vacuum pH meter Roller racks for scaling up monolayer cultures Confocal microscope Flow cytometer Cell culture vessels e. Aseptic Work Area. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. It requires skilled labours to carry out media preparation and inoculation operation.

Also adjust the bottle washing machine to washing sink Room provided with water line and electricity line. Also having tools for support while placing the media bottles in autoclave for sterilization.

Also contains wrapping paper To wrap and the rubber to tight the inoculating dishes for sterilization. Media bottles kept for autoclave at o C at 15 lb for 2hrs Inoculating dishes wrapped in wrapping paper.

plant tissue culture laboratory equipments ppt

Auxins are used for root multiplication and also activated charcoal is used for phenol absorption. It requires tween 20 solution for surface sterilization of mother orchard plant parts and also require bavistin for fungal disinfection. It requires forcepsscalpel, sterile bottles, sterile dishes, spirit lampCotton and hand care etc.

The floor of room covered with tiles to facilitate proper Cleaning. A lso benefit from the installation of a HEPA high efficiency particulate air filtered air supply which will provide and maintain a sterile filtered air supply through the facility of LAF cabinet.

Rotary shaker also kept for sterilization and speed is about 80 rpm. Light intensity required about l ux to lux for growth of culture. Also required two 1. Air purifier used to clean the air in incubation room. Air pressurizing module used to create the pressure to avoid outside air in it. No Name of machinery Nos.

plant tissue culture laboratory equipments ppt

Cost Rs. Labourers Nos. Follow us on:. Go to Application. US Go Premium. PowerPoint Templates. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload.Tissue Culture is a process of generating many plants through technique of placing cell or tissue in a desired environment of Plants.

They demands proper supply of artificial light, humidity and controlled temperature conditions. PTC has a main quality that from any part of mother plant, a hub of plants can be generated. To produce such plants we need a laboratory equipped with different rooms or sections to perform the process of producing plants in the Laboratory. In the manufacture of media, everything is done step by step with the proper use of equipments at the demand of situation.

It should have a sink or wash basin and a desk made of materials resistant to acids and alkalis to prevent the unwanted results at the time of using acid on plants for their treatment. A storage cabinet or equipment rack to place or store them for long as well as space for oven, washing machine and dryers is important.

Within the transfer area it requires proper flow of air, light and electricity, compressed gas and vacuum. The most useful environment is a small dust free room facilitated with ultra-violet light and a positive pressure ventilation unit.

These factors influence the growth of plants during culture or can indirectly affect their response in subsequent generations. This entry was posted on April 17, at pm and is filed under Green House. You can subscribe via RSS 2. Tags: Media preparation roomPlant tissue cultureTissue cultureTissue culture equipmentsTissue culture lab. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Name required. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel.The below mentioned article provides an outline of a plant tissue culture laboratory. Plant tissue culture is not a separate branch of plant science like taxonomy, cytology, plant physiology etc. Cells or tissues are grown in different types of glass vials containing a medium with mineral nutrients, vitamins and phytohormones.

Therefore, to carry out the experiments using tissue culture techniques, a well-equipped laboratory is first required. However, the use of these techniques is not confined to research alone.

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An ideal tissue culture laboratory should have at least two big rooms and a small room. One big room is for general laboratory work such as preparation of media, autoclaving, distillation of water etc. The other big room is for keeping cultures under controlled light, temperature and humidity. The small room is for aseptic work and for keeping autoclaved articles.

Conditions Required for Plant Tissue Culture

The general laboratory for tissue culture should be provided with the following articles and arrangements:. This is very important for a tissue culture laboratory. Only this bucket should be kept outside the room or cleaning area and should be cleaned twice-in a week. It is necessary for drying the washed glass goods. For this purpose, a number of enameled trays of different sizes are required for keeping wet glass goods inside the oven. It is essential for storing various thermo- labile chemicals like vitamins, hormones, amino acids, casein-hydrolysate, yeast extract, coconut milk, etc.

Stock solutions of salts are also kept to prevent contamination. Three types of weighing balances viz. It is required for filtering liquid media, sugar solution etc. Fig 1. Some of the microscopes Figs 1. This room should be without any window or ventilator in order to make it dust-free.

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The room should be provided with double doors. The doors should have a automatic door closer. For entering into the room, shoes should be left outside.

Upper half of the side walls of the chamber is made of large glass sheets. The chamber should also have double doors provided with a door closer.

The chamber is provided with two UV one small, one big sterilizing lamps and a fluorescent lamp. The switches to operate them are present outside the chamber so that the lamps can be safely switched on and off. Inside the chamber the working table and shelves are made of thick glass sheets.

This can be placed on a small table at the convenient corner of the room.

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